Sketches: Silhouette and Shape study

I'm currently trying to figure out which silhouettes and shapes of apparel will work best for my Transparency in Fashion instillation project. So I'm doing some studies of voluminous sleeves, bottoms and bodices, while keeping in mind the weight and texture of tulle and organza.  I'm trying to sketch out at least 100 different pieces of's some process.... Continue Reading →

Organizing my Studio

  I think can I make my studio space a tranquil one? Plants! To me, a tranquil space needs live plants, fresh colors, good lighting, and tons of inspiration photos and motivation.   

the importance of Mentors

I’ve finally found some substantial fuel!! I want to give a special thanks to my mentor, Prof. Ellen Ellis, for agreeing to share her time and knowledge with me.  Ellen had actually become an unofficial mentor of mine during undergraduate studies, and had been a huge inspiration to me....challenging me to be more aware, and to be brave....and always pointed me in right direction.  Nonetheless, our first meeting was a success! ... Continue Reading →

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