Making like a Sculptor (drawing & cutting)

When I started this project, I decided that I wasn’t going to make my garments using the traditional route. No measuring a particular human body or dress form, and no pattern drafting from measurements. I just wanted to sculpt. I always thought of draping as a type of sculpting, anyway. With the cutting and the manipulating materials into the shape you want, and again, no measurements needed. But I wasn’t only draping. I guess what shapes make up the garment I wanted to make; imagining what those shapes would look like, drawing them out on a piece of fabric, and then cutting that shape out. Next, I would sew those pieces together and hope I get the 3-dimensional or wearable shape anticipated. Just the slightest difference in a curve drawn on a pattern, can determine whether garments comes out right or completely off. In the beginning, guessing the shapes were difficult, mainly because pieces reacts and form (fall) very different when sewn together, and or when pieces are “hanging” vs laying flat. The effects of gravity over time is also something I must consider. Now, I am much better at guessing the right shapes to make an appealing hang or silhouette.

This way of creating clothes had forced me to do more problem solving on the spot, and designing on the spot.  Lots of quick decision making, and anxious moments. It is very exciting. A lot of times I’m in awe of the simple beauty achieved by sewing a few shapes together. And then, how those shapes look paired with long braided tentacle shapes. Very exciting….20180330_13230420180330_13222720180330_13575720180330_14032720180330_145827


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