Texts that had unexpected bearing on my work…

I usually douse myself in reads that has to do with current events and future events/ think tanks. It is a big source of creative inspiration…to always to be aware of what’s going on and how people are thinking.  I spend a lot of time reading about the struggles of others, especially struggles that are completely different from what myself or anyone around have or will experience.

I am currently reading a novel by Yaa Gyasi, Homegoing. So far the book is about the struggles of a particular young African woman’s life during the early years of the Slave Trade and brink of colonization. Its inspiring, to me, to observe the strength of humans during, what most will call, UNBEARABLE conditions and situations. Some how it helps me to think differently or more critically when dealing with my own struggles. It helps me to understand something about myself and my own strengths, which is always healthy for art making.  A lot of my art have to do with pain, struggles, and the hope for change, I find myself wondering what kind of art would this character and other characters of my reads make?


Moving on…

When it comes to reads that have unexpected bearing on my works, it would be nuts if I didn’t talk about the texts assigned in my Art Theory and Criticism course.  I feel like I have grown up so much in these past short weeks.  And maturity seems to always be a positive characteristics for my art making. These healthy thought provoking, and intellectually heavy reads are helping me to find my place in the world as an artist.  Alone, the texts have their own lessons in which the writer is trying to teach, but I have also found many other helpful lessons that were underlying message that could vary from person to person. For me, I learned that it is okay to talk about or to analyze critically or think critically about subjects others may think is a waste of time to put such mental energy into. Thus, opening up the doors of opportunity for new subject matters for me. I learned such things from our bell hooks, Postmodern Blackness and Ara Osterweil, FUCK YOU a feminist guide to surviving the art world reads. The texts assigned in this course has been a real eye-opener, and a brain-opener at that.  The writers and artists are forcing me to challenge myself whilst trying to raise awareness or protest using art. Thanks.

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