LookBook Photoshoot

  This past Sunday, the garments were professionally shot for the CCAD annual LookBook. The shoot was held at the Express Studio, located on 4th St. Beautiful space. I was lucky to get some beautiful shots in myself! Got the shoes for my outfits last week...they went along nicely! I made sure I chose shoes... Continue Reading →

the White

Working on the garment made with white Kanekalon hair... (Making the outer shell) (Detangling hair with wide tooth wig brush, always) (Braiding multiple sizes)     mnkkjkm

First look made…

The shawl and trousers look was the first one made. I started with the easiest silhouette, and most simple application of hair. Slits and Knots. 1 piece of braid, 2 slits, then braid was pulled through small slits, then a single knot for securing braids.      

Sorting through my concept

I want to use this post to sort through my thoughts relating to the concept behind Kanekalon, number one and Kanekalon, number sixty aka my thesis works. Every now and again, I go back and forth on what my art is suppose to be about. Sometimes I can't figure out which idea or message is... Continue Reading →

What to do with the hair.

Here are some photos from when I was trying to figure out "what to do with the hair".  How should I manipulate the hair? For a start, I relied on the hairstyling experience to guide me. Then I started draping and sewing and weaving through fabrics, letting my apparel making skills come into play. (draping)... Continue Reading →

Working w/ Kanekalon braiding hair

Before I made the decision to include the hair as a design element for my collection/ thesis project, I've only used kanekalon hair on the head (i.e. hairstyling).  If you were to lookup what Kanekalon braiding hair is, it would be described as, a synthetic fiber that is "soft and silky, easy to style and... Continue Reading →

Sorting Through my Fears

Sorting through my Fears Another chapter in my life has begun and yet, I am struggling to leave much of my fears behind. They’ve forever tagged along with every chapter of my life. Although I’ve embraced most of my fears, using the things I’m afraid of as a catalyst to propel me through adversities and... Continue Reading →

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